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Kimberly Davis: Best Selling Author of BRAVE LEADERSHIP; Leadership Educator, cultivating confident, authentic, and powerful leaders

An expert on authentic leadership, Kimberly Davis shares her inspirational message of personal power, responsibility, and impact with organizations across the country and teaches leadership programs world-wide; most notably, her program “OnStage Leadership” which runs in NYC and Dallas, TX.  Additionally, Kimberly teaches Authentic Influence and Executive Presence for Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Cox School of Business’ Executive Education Program, and partners with SMU in teaching for the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship program (empowering female leaders from the middle east) and for the National Hispanic Corporate Council.

Kimberly is a TEDx speaker and her new book, Brave Leadership:  Unleash Your Most Confident, Authentic, and Powerful Self to Get the Results You Need, which has been named as the number one book to read in Inc. Magazine’s “The 12 Most Impactful Books to Read in 2018,” with a cover-endorsement by best-selling author Daniel Pink, is available at all on-line and brick-and-mortar bookstores everywhere.

kimberly davis
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Mareo McCracken: Revenue Leader, Advisor, Writer

Mareo McCracken is the revenue leader at Movemedical, where he leads the sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Outside of family, reading, food, travel, and sports–driving organizational and individual growth are his passions. He loves finding meaning at the intersection of revenue, organizational health, and individual performance. Mareo’s articles can be enjoyed at, Inc. magazine and other publications. Originally from Boise, Idaho, and having lived in London, Hong Kong, Yuma, New York, Scottsdale, Houston, and Provo, McCracken now resides with his wife and children in San Diego.

Ozlem Brooke Erol: International Consultant and Speaker, Author of #1 Bestseller, Chief Purpose Officer

Purpose is a way of living, bringing more meaning to our lives knowing we are not here only for the daily grind. As Purpose-Driven Leaders we can touch people’s lives in the most impactful and heart-centered ways and leave a long lasting legacy.

Brooke O. Erol is one of the co-authors of the #1 International Best Seller From Hierarchy to High Performance. She is the Founder of two businesses, YourBestLife and Purposeful Business. She works with leaders, founders, C-level executives to create human-centered work environments where engagement improves and turnover is minimal. She is also an author of Create a Life You Love. She speaks internationally about Future of Work, Purpose-Driven Life and Organizations and Purpose-Driven Leadership.

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Jason Croft: Credibility Craftsman, Owner of Croft Media and The Jason Croft Show

Jason Croft is a media strategist with a specialty in corporate podcast creation and video marketing.

Connecting is at the core of everything he does.  Connecting to other people, connecting people to each other, connecting people to ideas, and connecting businesses to their target clients.

With his company, Croft Media, a B2B Media Agency, he creates 90 Day Authority Playbook Videos and  Sales Funnel Podcasts for his consultant and other solo-preneur clients.

The former VP of Sales and Marketing at Magic Production Group, Jason produced and hosted over 80 episodes of Startup Dallas, a YouTube and iTunes series where he interviewed some of the most innovative CEOs and Founders in the Dallas/Fort Worth startup world.

Now that he’s running his own video marketing firm, he has his YouTube series, The Jason Croft Show.  With it, Croft takes the same approach of in-depth interviewing of his guests that he’s become known for and adds a twist of fun – setting each episode in a moving vehicle and finding out what really drives them.

Jason loves his amazing wife and three boys, has a blast traveling around the world and often gets too close to exotic animals. He’s been on icebergs and mountains, kissed and wrestled with black bears (pictures upon request), and even swam with a shark (not by choice!).

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Mark Nagel: Senior Manager People, HR Transformation and Employee Services at Southwest Airlines

Senior Manager People,

HR Transformation and Employee Services at Southwest Airlines

Mark Nagel currently is a Sr Leader in the People Department (Human Resources) at Southwest Airlines leading a special focus on HR Transformation and HR Technologies.

Prior to Southwest Airlines Mark was a HR Director Best Buy for 15 years, covering a variety of HR operational areas including Affirmative Action, HR compliance and Employee Relations.

In his spare time Mark serves on the Board of Directors and sings in Resounding Harmony, a non-profit chorus that performs concerts for other non-profits, raising funds and awareness for their causes. He also serves as Vice President of the North Texas Industry Liaison Group- an organization that helps federal contractors share best practices in Affirmative Action.


Mike Vacanti: Adviser, CEO Coach, Leadership & Culture Transformation Catalyst, Speaker, Author, Founder #HumansFirst Club

Mike believes, “It’s more than what we accomplish – it’s who we become along the journey!”
His mission is to help people discover their potential, embrace a growth mindset and achieve at inspired levels. Accelerating dramatic growth as a Team Performance Catalyst and Consultant for Strategic Innovation, Mike has transformed businesses and inspired people to perform at levels they didn’t think possible.
Following many years in advertising and marketing, He launched early stage start-ups & led M&A initiatives for publicly traded tech companies. Five-times he was thrust into the chaos of transformation and helped people navigate the doubt and fear of significant change. His teams exceeded expectations, consistently beat the challenge, learned a lot and had some fun.
These experiences sparked his passion for consulting, bringing the concept of “Genuine Talent” and “Believership” to people with the “I AM TEAM” program, to:

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