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Heather Younger, J.D., CCXP

Heather Younger gets it.  As a best-selling author, international speaker, podcast host, facilitator and coach, she has earned her reputation as “The Employee Whisperer”.  Her experiences as a CEO, entrepreneur, manager, attorney, writer, coach, listener, speaker, collaborator and mother all lend themselves to a laser-focused clarity into what makes employees of organizations and companies – large and small – tick.
Heather has facilitated more than 350 workshops, reaching +1,000 employers and their employees. Her motivation and philosophy has reached more than 10,000 attendees at her speaking engagements on large and small stages.  Companies have charted their future course based on her leading more than 100 focus groups.  In addition, she has helped companies see double-digit employee engagement score increases through implementation of her laws and philosophies.  She has driven results in a multitude of industries, including banking, oil & gas, construction, energy, and federal and local government.
Heather brings a tenacious and humorous outlook to issues plaguing the workforces of today.  Her book “The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty” hit Forbes Must-Read list and is a go-to source for HR professionals seeking insight into their organization’s’ dynamics.
Heather’s writing can also be found on her blog at, as well as articles in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, American Express Open Forum, Tandem Seven, I Want It Now, and more.  Coupled with her leadership podcast, weekly videos and employer newsletters, Heather stays connected to organizations long after she leaves the stage or conference room.
When all the emails are returned and the mic is turned off, Heather acts as co-manager of her busy household in Aurora, Colorado with her husband, where they oversee their four children.

Heather Hanson Wickman, PhD, author of Evolved Executive

Today’s forward-thinking leaders know that the future of work is human. It’s about catalyzing people in pursuit of a meaningful mission. By leading organizations with soul, purpose and love, Heather Hanson Wickman, PhD, author of Evolved Executive, believes that conscious leaders can heal the crisis of suffering that’s present in so many organizations and revitalize the workforce through innovative practices and deep self-awareness.

Heather is a former healthcare executive, and in this episode she offers insights, practical advice and invaluable strategies that allow leaders to reenergize your organization’s purpose, enhance employee engagement and experience, develop a purpose-centered strategy in culture and lead from love instead of fear.

As Founder of Untethered Consulting, Heather brings 10+ years of organization development consulting, both as an internal and external consultant. Heather has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, a Master’s degree in Human Resources/Industrial Relations, and a PhD in Organizational Systems with an emphasis in leading transformational change.

Heather has incredible passion for supporting individuals and organization through positive change. Through her well established organizational experience, she has witnessed profound individual success and organizational progress. Heather is also passionate about research and writing.  With several publications and co-edited books in circulation, she is continuously working on expanding and sharing an important knowledge base to help create organizational health.

Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Marcus is a prolific speaker and thought leader, bringing a new voice to a generation desperately seeking understanding, perspective, and wisdom. His keynotes have been forged by the fire of experience, giving Marcus the unique opportunity to translate life’s toughest problems into practical applications. His insight is universal, allowing him to reach across a multitude of demographics. A few of his key notes include The Gift of Adversity, Innovative Leadership, and Functional Philosophy.

Buckle up for a story a lifetime in the making. The Gift of Adversity is Marcus’ own personal journey through a life changing injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Suffering is a motif we can all relate to; but the timeless lessons learned and applied in realtime will leave you inspired to take advantage of the mindhacks Marcus discovered while in the midst of Adversity.

The only way to cultivate better employees is to be a better leader. We often think of business as a pyramid, but the truth is as a supervisor we need to be the foundation and example of personal and professional development.

Experience the dialogue of modern stoicism, Zen, and other warrior mindsets and unlock the secret to applying them to everyday life and business.

Mike Vacanti: Adviser, CEO Coach, Leadership & Culture Transformation Catalyst, Speaker, Author, Founder #HumansFirst Club

Mike believes, “It’s more than what we accomplish – it’s who we become along the journey!”
His mission is to help people discover their potential, embrace a growth mindset and achieve at inspired levels. Accelerating dramatic growth as a Team Performance Catalyst and Consultant for Strategic Innovation, Mike has transformed businesses and inspired people to perform at levels they didn’t think possible.
Following many years in advertising and marketing, He launched early stage start-ups & led M&A initiatives for publicly traded tech companies. Five-times he was thrust into the chaos of transformation and helped people navigate the doubt and fear of significant change. His teams exceeded expectations, consistently beat the challenge, learned a lot and had some fun.
These experiences sparked his passion for consulting, bringing the concept of “Genuine Talent” and “Believership” to people with the “I AM TEAM” program, to: