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July 16th 5:00-8:00 PM

UBS: 1501 K Street NW, Suite 1200 Washington, DC 20005


We are excited to meet you, hear you and exchange ideas to energize your desire to empower every individual and create a humans-first culture.
We are thrilled that you care and have joined this global movement.

Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq: Attorney, Author, Advisor, Leadership Development and Organizational Performance Management

I am the author of ‘Poised for Excellence: Fundamental Principles of Effective Leadership in the Boardroom and Beyond’ (Palgrave Macmillan)–a provocative guidebook on leadership effectiveness.

As a seasoned attorney, author, international keynote speaker, expert facilitator, complex communication consultant, and strategic leadership and management advisor, I have a proven track record for helping clients to raise the bar on achievement. I speak regularly before global audiences and provide unique insights that drive results. My shrewd ability to identify nuances helps clients to:

➢ Establish credibility
➢ Leverage expertise and
➢ Build polished and powerful professional brands

With over two decades of multi-faceted legal, academic, corporate, and executive development experience, I have developed an extremely keen eye for the ‘devil in the details’ and am highly skilled at helping clients to leverage skills and talent across industries.

Teaching clients to cultivate their Executive Celebrity™, I create specialized content for individuals and organizations using the principles, practices, and strategies that yield measurable results.

Distinguished by my zealous approach to coaching self-mastery, I am widely acknowledged for my commitment to excellence and willingness to think and work outside-the-box. My ability to convey the art and science of achievement inspires clients to strive for personal and professional excellence.

michelle maldonado

Michelle L. Maldonado, MC-EICC, CMT-P: Human Potential, EI and Mindful Business Transformation, Compassionate Leadership, Teacher/Facilitator, Keynote Speaker

Michelle is Founder & CEO of Lucenscia, a human potential and mindful business transformation firm dedicated to developing leaders and organizations with positive impact in the world. She is leadership faculty for 1440 Multiversity and faculty and Meta-Coach for Dan Goleman’s Emotional and Social Intelligence Coaching Certification program. Also a Certified Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner®, Michelle is one of a handful of the Google-inspired Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Level 2 Certified Teachers® in the world and a True North Leadership Teaching Fellow.

Michelle is passionate about helping create the conditions for a more connected and compassionate world by helping people do their inner work for outer impact. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and organizations around the world to integrate empathy and compassion with resilience and high performance. A few organizations with whom Michelle has worked include LinkedIn, Microsoft, Dell, Capital One, Pfizer (Canada) and Deustche Telekom (Germany). Academic and government organizations include the National University of Singapore, New York University, Bay Path University, York Region (Canada) Government and Law Enforcement, and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

In recognition for her work on leadership and organizational development at the intersection of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, performance impact and compassion, Michelle was named “Top Corporate Leader” by’s Leadership Essentials and “Woman of The Year” by the National Association of Professional Women. As a recommended speaker in SHRM’s Speaker’s Bureau, her work has been featured across industry publications and conference venues including The Mindful Leadership Summit, Training, Leadership Excellence, Human Capital Institute, the Institute for Organizational Mindfulness and Chief Learning Officer.

Michelle is a graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University, The George Washington University Law School and lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with her family.

Jackie Kindall: Founder of Kindall Evolve, Organization Success Catalyst and Leadership Transformation Expert, Executive Coach

I thrive on helping others grow and reach their goals. This applies not only to clients, but to friends, family and colleagues. Fortunately, I have shaped this innate drive which gives me sheer joy into meaningful work.

In 2016, I founded Kindall Evolve Consulting, LLC after working in the Human Resources and Organization Development field for 25+ years.

I work with leaders and organizations who are interested in building new skills, improving performance and getting results. As such, I have partnered with clients in a number of key areas, including:
– coaching leaders and executives to reach their goals, improve their performance, make lasting behavior changes, etc.
– designing and facilitating leadership development workshops to grow leaders who are effective at leading teams, communicating, managing conflict, leading with emotional intelligence, managing change, improving team dynamics, etc.
– designing and facilitating professional/team development workshops to improve team dynamics and team effectiveness
– planning and facilitating off-sites and retreats to create synergies, develop strategy, build teams, improve organization culture, etc.
– providing organization development consulting so that all aspects of the organization are algined

I am passionate about helping leaders lead with emotional intelligence. This has a significant impact on leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and organizational culture. I support my clients by ensuring that they have the necessary tools to build amazing teams and thrive.

jackie kindall

Brian Kelly, ACC, SSCC: Success Coach, Consultant, Human Development, Team Performance, Career Transition, Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching offers human development and performance solutions to shift up your relationships and business results. Brian works with inclusive business leaders and their teams to grow their leadership effectiveness, human AND business performance.

For our coaching clients, typical goals include: career clarity, career transition, leadership development, developing diverse leaders and teams, greater work joy, higher performance and better relationships.

For our consulting clients, typical goals include: business growth, increasing team/organizational effectiveness, leadership pipeline development, organizational development and creating more human workplaces.

Be Bold. Be You. Breakthrough.℠


Mali Phonpadith: Founder/CEO, SOAR Community Network, #1 International Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Cofounder of SC Nebula

Mali Phonpadith is the Founder/CEO of the SOAR Community Network, TEDx Speaker, #1 International Bestselling author, marketing strategist, podcaster and the Executive Producer/Host of Tea with Mali TV Show. SCN is a strategic communications and talent management firm that supports Conscious Leaders and their businesses/organizations to spread their mission and create social impact. In 2015, Mali was selected as a Belief Team community partner for the Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network BELIEF initiative.

She has been nominated for several awards including Heroines of Washington D.C. Award by the March of Dimes and twice for the Women of the Year Award by NEW – Network Executive Women. She was awarded the iBoss Navigator award in 2018 for her work in helping small businesses message their mission and soar to success. She is a community champion for several local non-profits. She is the Founder of the SOAR Community Summit and producer/host of the SOAR Community Podcast.

Mali is a four-time author, including A Million Fireflies, her memoir about her voyage from war-torn Laos to America. She is also the coauthor of Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses, a professional workbook for small businesses. In 2017, Born to Be Me, a compilation of authentic stories from 19 international female authors, made Amazon’s #1 International Bestseller List. In 2018, The Balancing Act also made the #1 International Bestseller List.

She has shared her insights at The Library of Congress, Smithsonian, University of Maryland, George Mason University, SAIC and other national venues. Huffington Post,, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Trusted Magazine, BBB Podcast, Advisor Today Magazine, Asian Fortune Newspaper, WJLA DC, Radio Free Asia, WHUR Radio, Voice of America, and numerous blog talk radio programs.

jessica dubois

Jessica Du Bois: Employee Benefits Consultant | Passion for ‘Your” People, I connect Employee Experience with Healthcare & Benefits

Jessica Du Bois works with companies to modernize their employee benefits by focusing on employee experience and cost containment strategies. She is passionate about helping organizations prosper and attract top talent by focusing on their ‘humans first’. Jessica is passionate about enhancing the workplace through making the difficult workplace topics such as mental and physical health easier to navigate through.  Jessica is a consultant with Business Benefits Group and has been named a Face of Change in the benefits industry by BenefitsPro magazine. Find out more at


Mike Vacanti: Catalyst for Positive Change; Leadership & Culture Transformation; Speaker; Advisor/Connector; Founder #HumansFirst Club

Mike believes, “It’s more than what we accomplish – it’s who we become along the journey!”
Speed and Confidence:
✔️ Inspiring Leaders and Companies to Reach New Levels of Possibility.
✔️ Catalyst for High-Achievement, Transformation and Constant Growth.

“Mike is a master at helping people become their best, teams reach high-achievement and businesses grow through change. He listens and solves big challenges.” (Fortune 100 client)

The heart of any organization is People – People drive results. Mike continues to inspire Leaders, High-Achieving Teams, Org Alignment & Innovation through:
Energized Workshops, Strategic Consulting, Motivating Keynote Presentations

Mike will:
♦ Constructively and strategically uncover what isn’t working and disrupt status quo and perceived constraints.
♦ Infuse divergent thinking into the process of making progress and getting results.
♦ Create “Believership” cultures where people and teams are vested in the vision and mission of the organization and motivated on the path to reaching big goals.
♦ People & Process: Recognize and Harness Ad-Hoc Behaviors that Work. Replace Low-Value Activities and Practices with High-Value Actions and Behaviors.
♦ Tools & Technology: Recognize what is hindering growth and find the right improvements and innovations to move beyond stagnation.
♦ Accelerates change and moves people to action with SIGNIFICANT RESULTS IN 90 DAYS.

The ONLY thing that gets in the way of positive action and change is the belief that it can’t be done.
“Mike brought his creativity, strategic innovation and M&A expertise as we re-envisioned the future for AI, IoT, Analytics, Dev during our significant Intelligent Cloud reorganization in 2018,.” Microsoft