HumansFirst Club is a global group of leaders, influencers and collaborators voluntarily sharing a mission to inspire positive change, fueling growth, maturity and sustainability through stories, experiences and open-dialog, addressing the future of work, personal and organizational development, wellness and strategies for success in today’s transformational business climate.


Together we share the beliefs, actions and evidence that businesses will achieve greater success by:

  • Engaging people as “whole humans” (not human-capital, resources), providing opportunities to align with life demands, grow, function and progress as human beings; embracing diversity and uniqueness, recognizing people as more than factors of production & productivity, valuing humans as the priority for business success and sustainable growth
  • Turning the focus to lifting all through relationships and belonging; creating value rather than extracting value
  • Promoting love, empathy and continuous learning to make the workplace a more engaged and human experience for every employee while addressing the escalating effects on physical and mental well-being
  • Creating employee and customer experiences that excite, empower and challenge, and in turn, expand possibilities and profits, propel growth, greater achievement and alignment while benefiting all stakeholders.


This inspiring consortium is centered on an exceptional belief in human capacity and potential. These global events, collaboration platform and learning opportunities will infuse brilliant dialog, exploration and evidential review of successful strategies, transformations and endeavors. Participants will be fueled with optimism and curiosity, becoming empowered for continuous cultural transformation and business growth.

*Just Launched*

HumansFirst Playground 

Welcome to the Playground!

This is a place to connect to and engage with our fast-growing global community of leaders, influencers and an incredibly diverse group of people from all over the world to explore a better path forward.