Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerX

Mark LeBusque, Author: Being Human

Jill Katz, CHRO at AssembleHR

Heather Younger, CEO Customer Fanatix, TEDx speaker, Author

Renée Smith, Making Work More Human at A Human Workplace and at Results Washington

Turi Widsteen, General Manager, Microsoft Commercial Communications

Paul Haury, Coach & Evangelist for Heart Based Leadership and Culture

Kimberly Davis, Author of BRAVE LEADERSHIP, Leadership Educator

Mark Nagel, Senior Manager at Southwest Airlines- HR Transformation, Employee Services

Ozlem Brooke Erol, 2-time Author, Speaker, Chief Purpose Officer

Jason Croft, Digital Marketing Consultant at SocialSEO Inc

Heather Hanson Wickman, Author THE EVOLVED EXECUTIVE

Marcus Aurelius Anderson, Author “The Gift of Adversity,” TEDx Speaker, Host of  “Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever Show”

Julie Winkle Giulioni, Leadership/learning speaker & co-author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

Marcel Schwantes, Speaker, Author, Coach, Podcaster

Amy Blaschka,

Ghostwriter, Forbes contributor, Author, Speaker

Jackie Jenkins, Organizational Psychologist, Change Alchemist, Coach, Consultant

Kevin Monroe, Inspiring and equipping people like you to live, love, and lead in ExtraOrdinary ways

Marcel Schwantes, Speaker, Author, Coach, Podcaster

Karima Mariama Arthur, Attorney, Author, Strategic Leadership Development & Organizational Performance Management Advisor

Melissa Hughes, Speaker, Author of Happier Hour with Einstein, Columnist, Neuroscience Geek

Brian Kelly, Accelerating Growth in People and Teams to Create Better Human and Business Results, Consulting, Coaching, Team Success

Michelle Lopes Maldonado, Inner Work – Outer Impact

Mali Phonpadith,Founder/CEO, SOAR Community Network, Author, TEDx Speaker, Cofounder of SC Nebula

Jessica Du Bois, Employee Benefits Consultant, Passion for ‘Your’ People, I connect Employee Experience with Healthcare & Benefits

Jackie Kindall, Organization Success Catalyst and Leadership Transformation Expert. Executive Coach

Katrenia Reed Hughes, Passion 2 Purpose, LLC – Identifying Passion – Aligning Purpose

Jason Barnaby, Keynote Speaker, Culture and Engagement Expert, Leadership Consultant, Author, Chief Fire Starter, Tribe Leader

Isabel Hundt, Speaker, Sociologist, The Leader’s Heart Decoder, YA Advocate, Author Engaging in Cultural Transformation through EI

Garry Turner, Listening-centered culture strategist, Facilitator & co-creator of in-person & virtual safe spaces, Podcast host

Rebecca-Monique Williams, Transformational Coach

Duena Blomstrom, Author, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleNotTech and Emotional Banking

Chris Broderick, Executive Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Fortune 100, Trust Expert

Dave Healing, Group Director, Client Services at Brandtrust

Brewa Kennedy, Adventurer, Challenger of Conventional Thought, Exceptional Relationship Builder & Synergy Seeker

Annalisa Munoz Funk, Culture Advocate at Southwest Airlines

Shelley Brown, Speaker, Rock Star Mindful Workplace Facilitator, Enterprise Sales Veteran, Meditation

Gail Grabczynski, Consultant, Mental Health Clinician

Antonia Coffelt, Senior Advisor, Event Strategy & External Relations

So many more to share soon, from Austin, San Francisco, Toronto, Dublin, Ireland and MORE!

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